A coolship is the anglicized word for koelschip, a traditional Belgian brewhouse tool. It is a wide shallow pan used for cooling hot, unfermented wort and kicking off the spontaneous fermentation process. Unlike most beers that use cultivated yeast to convert wort into beer, spontaneously fermentation relies on naturally occurring yeasts that exist in the environment. That is why these types of beers are often called “wild beers”.

At Bench Brewing, we will use the night's wind to cool the wort in in our coolship from boiling temperature to fermentation temperature (around 23c) and inoculate our beer with the naturally occurring wild yeasts and microflora that blow in from our neighbouring orchards, vineyards and farms in the Twenty Valley. The unique terroir here will result in a distinctive house style that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world.

The wort that is cooled and inoculated in our coolship will then be transferred into our French-oak foeders where it will slowly ferment for up to three years.