A foeder (pronounced FOOD-ER) is a large wooden vat for the fermentation and aging of beer. At Bench Brewing, we have sourced fourteen foeders from local winemaker Le Clos Jordanne, where they were used to age their premium pinot and chardonnay wines grown from the limestone rich soils right here in the Twenty Valley. Having previously housed wine has softened the oaky tannins and resins that would be present in new oak vats and dominate delicate beer. Each foeder stands over 8 feet tall and can hold up to 9,500 litres of wort.

Over time, the native yeasts and microflora of the Twenty Valley find a home in the wood, giving each of our foeders its own unique culture, aroma and flavour. The Bench Brewing “foeder farm” will be one of a kind in Canada.