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Our Philosophy

Our employees are our greatest asset. Bench is committed to ensuring that our employee experience is as important, memorable, and rewarding as our guest experiences. To this end, we have thoughtfully structured our organization to provide employees with fair, competitive wages, fulsome, worry-free benefit offerings, and a work environment where diversity and inclusion is embraced and valued, skill sets are utilized to their full potential and collaborative teamwork flourishes in delivering the highest quality products and service to our guests and community.

Bench Brewing Company strives to maintain a workplace that fosters personal and professional growth for all of its employees. We aim to ensure that all staff members are treated fairly and with dignity. Thus, it is the responsibility of the Bench and all its employees to:
• Cooperate and communicate
• Encourage and consider opinions of other employees and invite their participation in decisions that affect their work and their careers
• Encourage the growth and development of fellow workers by helping them achieve both their personal goals and those of our organization
• Strive to avoid workplace conflict, and if it occurs, respond fairly and quickly to resolve it
• Administer all policies and procedures equitably and fairly; and
• Recognize that each employee has a right to be treated fairly and with dignity.


Equal Opportunity and Inclusive Employer

Bench Brewing Company is an equal opportunity employer. We value workplace diversity and inclusion and are committed to providing employees with a work environment free from discrimination and harassment. Our hiring decisions are made on the basis of candidate qualifications, competence, merit and business needs; we employ personnel without regard to race, colour, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, record of offences, marital status, family status or sexual orientation. It is our policy to select the best qualified person for each position within our organization on the basis of demonstrated ability, experience, training and potential. This policy applies to all of our employment and personnel practices, including decisions regarding hiring, transfer, promotion, demotion and dismissal. In addition, Bench Is compliant with pay equity legislation, we compensation our employees based on comparable value and we do not discriminate in employment on the basis of gender


Our Convictions

· We embrace our community and are stewards of the land
· We actively promote environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural resources
· We value and promote inclusivity and diversity
· We believe in no compromises in quality
· We believe craft beer should be approachable for all


Our Core Values

The core values at Bench are the central and underlying philosophies that drive the way we conduct our business, our employees and our interactions. These beliefs are the foundation of how we expect our employees and guests to conduct themselves, at Bench, we believe what you do Is just as Important as how you show up to do it


B - Belief in our Vision
 · passion for our beer
 · commitment to quality
 · brand ambassadors
 · taking pride in our work

E - Entrepreneurial
 · initiative & ambition
 · Solutions oriented
 · resourceful
 · empowered & accountable

N - Neighbourly
 · inclusive
 · respectful
 · friendly and kind
 · community minded
 · committed to preserving the environment
 · focused on sustainability

C - Collaborative
 · one team, one dream
 · understand our interdependencies ("we" not "me")
 · come to the table with positive intent and assume the others have the same 
 · help and support each other

H - Humble
 · self-aware
 · honest and genuine
 · transparent & open to feedback
 · confident but no ego
 · leadership by example, not title



Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention Policy

Purpose of the Policy

Bench Brewing Company is committed to providing a safe, healthy and supportive work environment by treating our employees and guests with respect, fairness and sensitivity. Bench Brewing Company is committed to preventing workplace violence and harassment. This policy defines behaviour that constitutes workplace violence and harassment, and explains procedures for reporting and resolving such incidents. Bench Brewing Company is committed to providing a working environment free of violence and harassment by familiarizing all workplace parties with the related terminology as well as their individual responsibilities for prevention and corrective action. To establish this policy, Bench Brewing Company has consulted the joint health and safety committee (JHSC), human resources, and the legislation governing workplace violence and harassment in Ontario.


Policy Statement

The leadership team at Bench Brewing Company recognizes the potential for violence and harassment in the workplace. We will therefore make every reasonable effort to identify all potential sources of such risk to eliminate or minimize them through our workplace violence and harassment prevention program. Bench Brewing Company will not tolerate any type of violence or harassment within the workplace or during work related activities. Bench Brewing Company is committed to allotting whatever time, attention, authority and resources necessary to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and clients to whom we provide care. Bench Brewing Company will take every reasonable precaution to protect an employee from physical, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.