Fundraising with Bench

At Bench Brewing Company we are committed to staying connected with and supporting our local community through charity work, local support programs and partnerships. Our fundraising program is designed to help you EASILY raise funds for your sports team or not-for-profit organization!


Unique & easy way to raise funds for your organization.

Simple ordering and pick-up process.

Great selection of our top-selling quality beer and ciders.

Fundraising Made Easy

Get In Touch

Let us know that you're interested in our fundraising program, and we will follow up with more information, and all the tools you need to get started.


With the printable order form provided, sell Bench & Niagara Cider products to your friends, family and colleagues in packs of 6, 12 or 24. Once your fundraiser is complete, return the order forms to us.

Pick Up Your Order

Once we receive your order forms, we will do the heavy lifting. Together, we will organize a designated day and time to pick up your organization's full order. Each organization's full order will be pre-sorted and organized by player/family to make your handout seamless!

Receive Your Funds

After all orders are processed, and prior to pick up, you'll receive your organization's funds for all your hard work.


How much do organizations typically raise?

It really varies based on size of the organization and how big a push they do. We’ve seen some organizations raise hundreds while others have raised thousands.

How long should our fundraiser run?

We recommend a 2-4 week period to both give enough time to spread the word and maximize sales.

How do we receive our orders?

Your organization will have a designated day and time to pick up your order from behind our brewery. We do require all orders to be picked up together and at the same time. All orders will be pre-sorted and organized by player/ family to make your handout seamless!

“The entire process, from beginning to end, was seamless. Ashley was an absolute gem – I can’t say enough about her customer service and attention to detail! Our team (parents) loved selling beer because this was different from other fundraisers.”


“We enjoyed supporting a local business. Bench offers a great variety for everyone. Ashley was very organized from the beginning, checking in and offering assistance when needed, answering questions and fast response! When we came for pick-up Ashley had all orders packed into each family with the forms attached... Going the extra mile with organization made it easier to send out to families on my end. I have done many fundraisers in the past and I will say she did a great job!"


“The whole process was very organized and having constant communication with the fundraising coordinator Ashley was key. There was alot of checking in and questions were answered quickly. The order pick up was by far the best part... Ashley and the team had everything sorted by team and by order name. We allocated a large amount of time for pick up and it was hours less than we anticipated.”